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Tour Packages for Ooty - At a Glance
24.01.2014 14:39

Ooty is considered to be one among the Queen of hills. Ooty is also called Udagamandalam and is situated at an elevation of 2767 meters above sea level in the Nilgiri hills in Tamil Nadu state. Because of its scenic beauty and the pleasant weather, all the tour-loving people are attracted to this place at least once, to enjoy the mixed beauty of the pleasant weather and the evergreen tea estates spread around them. They also come to enjoy the colorful bloom of different varieties of flowers. The best season for Ooty trip is from March to May and the second season starts in September to November middle every year. For the purpose, there are many travel websites that offer packages for tourists to take them to Ooty from many places. There are many types of packages from which you could chose based on your time, style and purse. The tour packages for Ooty are of different types as already mentioned.


These packages offer you pick up from the nearest railway station or the nearest airport. They also arrange boarding and lodging and cab facility to take you around all the important places and drop you back at the station or airport. Another package is to arrange for your boarding, lodging, taking around and show places of interest and arrange for transport to Coimbatore. A clear idea of the tour packages for Ooty will make your holiday a well-planned, an economical and a memorable one. So, why not choose a package and have an exciting holiday in this evergreen destination?


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